Beyond Salsa Bass, Vol. 1 For Beginners

Beyond Salsa Bass is the companion series to Beyond Salsa Piano, launched in 2009 and now spanning 11 volumes. As of 2013, three bass volumes have been released: Volumes 6 and 7 on Alain Pérez, and this book, Volume 1: For Beginners. Included are bass tumbaos for each of the piano tumbaos (aka, montunos) in Beyond Salsa Piano, Vol. 1, but the bass volume is more than twice as long and contains many additional bass tumbaos and other exercises. The book begins by categorizing the most common Latin bass tumbaos by their rhythms and then proceeds to tell the history of Latin music from a bassist’s perspective, with notation for bass tumbaos from each era covered: changüí, rumba, son, danzón, big band and son montuno (a detailed study of Arsenio Rodríguez). A smaller free audio download and an extensive paid audio download are available.

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