Beyond Salsa Bass, Vol. 3 Salsa, Songo & Latin Jazz

Beyond Salsa Bass, Volume 3 should be done by February, 2014. It will be at  least 300 pages with at least 400 audio files, second only to Beyond Salsa for Ensemble in its size and scope.

There are five main sections:

Pt. 1: Continuation of Technical Studies from Previous Volumes

Pt. 2: The Roots of Latin Jazz – Dizzy, Chano, Bauzá and the Descargas of the 50s

Pt. 3: Puerto Rico: Bomba, Plena, Cortijo, Mon Rivera, Gran Combo, Sonora Ponceña et al.

Pt. 4: New York: Tito & Tito, Machito, the Palmieris, Willie Colón, Rubén Blades, Oscar d’León,  et al.

Pt. 5: Songo: The final section includes a bass tumbao for every piano tumbao in Beyond Salsa Piano Volumes 3 & 4. The inclusion of V. 4 was necessary because we’ll need two volumes to cover the bass styles of the 1990s and beyond, before arriving at Alain Pérez for Volumes 6 & 7 (already published) and Volumes 8 & 9 (in progress).

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